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Dovetailed Digital Strategy

Our Digital Strategy comprises 2 dovetailed phases. First there is the long term strategy. This embraces your key brand principles which leads into the second phase. This is the daily digital and social media strategy. Analysis is used to enhance the success of each phase.

Without execution strategy is aimless. Without strategy execution is useless. — Morris Chang, CEO TSMC

EnviroIQ Digital Strategy InfogramWe understand that your long term digital strategy must be part of your overall marketing strategy. Your marketing strategy is in turn be part of your business or company strategy. These strategies are, of course, based on your goals and objectives. They will help you walk the path to ensuring success in reaching your business goals. So the first step is to define your goals. Do you want to refresh your brand? Do you want to increase sales? Or do you need to introduce a new product? Or maybe you need to increase your prices? Or to increase your revenue? Perhaps you need to diversify, innovate or explore new markets?
Whilst developing your strategy for 2015, remember.

2015 will be the year where brands begin to start understanding their customer user experience better than ever. – David Alves, BBDO

The key elements of the first phase, Long Term Digital Strategy include

  • Audit – current social media presence, yours & competitors.’
  • Research – target audience – demographics, ethnography, psycho-graphics, interests, issues, purchasing trends & more.
  • Develop buying persona.
  • KPIs & Goals – community building, brand development, generate publicity – all to drive traffic & increase profits.
  • CRM – strategy, resources, tone.
  • SEM, SEO & Keyword strategies.
  • Budget – long & short term.
Our second phase, Daily Digital Strategy key elements include

  • Choose & optimise platforms.
  • Create a social media play-book.
  • Plot & integrate a marketing calendar.
  • Communicate engagement strategy.

Together these lead you comfortably into the 5 Step Implementation Plan.

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