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Why do we bother with On-line Reputation Management?

ORM, as in On-line Reputation Management is crucial in any digital marketing strategy. Have you Googled your own company lately? You may be surprised at what appears on page 1, and how long it’s been there! How many sales did you lose? What if the first display on a SERP was a bad review? How many great potential customers went to your competitors? How many of the best job candidates were frightened off?

“Many executives don’t consider the potential losses in sales, press coverage, hiring ability, and more until long after the damage is done. – Don Sorensen, CEO Big Blue Robot – interview with Forbes”

How do we control ORM / On-line Reputation Management?

It’s not difficult to be in control of how you are represented on the internet. It just requires a bitOn-line reputation management target with arrows of time and effort – well worth it! There are many tools available to immediately alert you of any negative comments. They could be competitor attacks, disgruntled employees or frustrated customers. As with all Risk Management Strategies, you must have a plan and it must be immediate! ORM strategies let you control what is seen. Social monitoring and digital listening tools are the first step. Maintaining your positive ranking includes SEO, social media updates, content development and influencer affinity. We take your on-line reputation seriously, you should too!

We don’t think our ORM is as fab as it could be – please call us!

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