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EMail Marketing, the Evergreen!

Despite social media and the rest of the communication mix, Email marketing remains steadfast in the mix. Of course it has become more sophisticated. There are plain text, animated and a variety of creative emails. The style should always match your brand. The beauty with email marketing is you already have a qualified buyer.Email Marketing on mobile devices We follow the POPI Act closely, so your email recipients have always opted in to receive your news. It could be news. It could be a sale. Or maybe you have a competition. No matter what, your email will land in their inbox. So, its up to you, and us, to make sure they want to open it. So we start with the heading. Is it interesting? Is it alluring? Is it relevant? Does it have promise? Then we move to the content. What attributes does it have? Is it easy to open on all devices? Is it easy to share? Can I move to a purchase easily and speedily? These are just a few of the thoughts that go into constructing the email.

“Segmentation and groups make it easy to send people content they care aboutโ€”and only content they care about.” – Mailchimp

The next step in the email marketing process is split testing. We use local and international analysis to do split testing. Don’t annoy your customers. Get the target audience to match the message. Or even to match the style of the message. Remember they must be able to opt out easily. Its the same as mobile marketing. An ever increasing number of people scan or read their emails on mobile devices. So ensure your email marketing is not a rude interruption at dinner time. Get the timing right. Get the landing page mobile friendly. If not, you’re doing half a job! Optimise your campaigns with current trends and seasonal offers. Email marketing is one of our favourites. Its how we started this business! So if you think you could use some help, call us for some free advice ands try our email marketing service!

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